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Helping you invest in the open technology that research relies on.

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We conduct and commission research to increase our understanding of the current landscape.


We create resources to help decision makers assess, build, and invest in open infrastructure.


We pilot solutions and coordinate stakeholders to increase the sustainability of the sector.


Sustainability Interviews

Research and scholarship is underpinned by a variety of tools, technologies and services ranging from for-profit commercial solutions and offerings from vendors to community-owned, open technologies and infrastructure....

JROST 2020 Conference

This December, we’re proud to bring you the second JROST conference, a virtual event designed to hold space for the community of practitioners building, maintaining, and advocating for open tools to support research and collaboration.

Open Infrastructure @ OASPA2020

Kaitlin Thaney — 1 min read

We recently participated in a panel at this year's OASPA conference on Open infrastructure, looking at what forms of community-owned and open source systems are important, and why.

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