We strive at IOI to ensure our work balances being trustworthy and evidence-based with a design that makes the topics we care about actionable, approachable, reusable, memorable, and understandable.

We are committed to openness and transparency, and endeavor to share our process, findings, and work in formats that enable participation and reuse. Transparency and access are two critical components of the healthy, inclusive ecosystem we are building towards, and we aim to reflect that in our work.

We believe in iterative development, and are committed to soliciting and incorporating feedback into our work products and process. “The perfect is the enemy of the good” and we believe working in the open (and sharing works in progress, warts and all!) is an important part of the process and ultimately make the outcome better and useful in the long run.

Underlying all of our work is a framework anchored in ensuring the work we do and recommendations we provide foster a healthier, more equitable and inclusive research ecosystem. That weaves through every aspect of our work - from our governance bodies to our decision making tools and the research we produce.