Emmy Tsang

Engagement Lead

Emmy Tsang is passionate about open and meaningful community designs, strategic communication, and sustainable and equitable innovation. Previously, she led the communication and community engagement efforts for the Open Science Programme at the Delft University of Technology to widen researchers', teachers', staff' and leadership's adoption of open science practices at the university. At eLife, she helped build a community of open-source practitioners to advance the development of open-source tools to change the ways research is shared, consumed, discovered, and evaluated.

Emmy is also a co-director at Open Life Science, which runs a global cohort-based training and mentoring programme to support individuals and stakeholders in research in becoming open science ambassadors. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the University of Heidelberg. Originally from Hong Kong, she now lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is on Twitter @emmy_ft.