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Making informed choices

We understand the challenges institutional leaders face when navigating the vast sea of technology options. Infra Finder aspires to be the trusted source of information and a key reference for institutions, aiding you in making informed choices that advance your institution’s vision for open research and scholarship with the following features:

  • Up-to-date, verified information: IOI works closely with infrastructure service providers to keep Infra Finder up to date, and has developed a robust process for verifying the data in Infra Finder (more in our documentation).
  • An easy-to-use comparison view: with Infra Finder’s user-friendly comparison view, you can compare up to four infrastructure services side-by-side, complete with links to more detailed information.
  • Key information in a centralized location: we recognize that institutions and stakeholders have different requirements and considerations for adopting infrastructure services — Infra Finder showcases extensive information on the most common areas of consideration in one place.

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Get more detailed information about Infra Finder in our documentation and FAQ.

You can also download a copy of Infra Finder’s data at this link.

Citing Infra Finder

You can cite the data in Infra Finder using DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10934104

We appreciate all references that you make to Infra Finder in your work!


Zack Adell: Investigation, visualization

Taimour Azizuddin: Investigation, formal analysis, methodology

Cast Iron Coding: Methodology, software, visualization

Lauren Collister, Data curation, investigation, methodology, validation, writing – original draft, writing – review & editing

Matt Canute: Formal analysis, software, methodology

Sarah Lippincott, Data curation, investigation, methodology, validation, writing – original draft, writing – review & editing

Kenji Morrow: Software

Katherine Skinner, ​​ Conceptualization, investigation, data curation, formal analysis, writing - original draft, writing - review and editing, supervision, validation

Julia Smith: Software

Gail Steinhart, Data curation, investigation, formal analysis, methodology, validation

Kaitlin Thaney, Conceptualization, Funding acquisition, project administration, supervision, validation

Emmy Tsang, Supervision, writing – original draft, writing – review & editing

Chrys Wu, Conceptualization, data curation, investigation, formal analysis, methodology, project administration, supervision, writing – original draft, writing – review & editing

Funding acknowledgement

This work was generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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If you have any questions regarding Infra Finder, please contact infra-finder [at] investinopen [dot] org.

If you spot any errors in Infra Finder’s information or bugs in the tool, please use this feedback form to let us know! We appreciate your feedback. 

Support Infra Finder

Infra Finder is hosted and maintained by IOI, and made possible with the collaboration of the service providers, Cast Iron Coding, and our community. 

If you develop/maintain an open infrastructure, please consider adding your infrastructure to Infra Finder.

If you discovered an infrastructure by using Infra Finder, please consider supporting that infrastructure directly through a membership or contribution to their work. 

If you find Infra Finder useful and want to support our efforts to bring you value through the tool, please consider supporting Invest in Open Infrastructure’s work to develop and maintain this resource. You can make a one-time donation below, join our Sustaining Circle, or get involved in our other projects