Status: Completed
Team members: Richard Dunks, Tania Hernández, Asura Enkhbayar

Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is dedicated to improving funding and resourcing for open technologies and systems supporting research and scholarship. As outlined in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, we set as our first goal to “Increase our collective understanding of the funding and infrastructure landscape by conducting research.” To that end, we’ve been working to better understand the funding supporting open technologies and systems in research and scholarship. As we’ve stated previously in describing our initial research prototypes, the data on current investment in the sector, whether from the various funders and other supporters, or the recipients themselves, is at best disaggregated but also often incomplete if not inaccessible.

To address this challenge, we are assessing the available funding data sources and aggregating this information for initial evaluation and preliminary analysis. We are also exploring and clarifying some of the key terms in our analysis, to build a strong foundation for further discussion and research in this area.

Research outputs & synthesis