Status: Completed, last updated December 2020.
Team member: Kaitlin Thaney

Designing a Preparedness Model for the Future of Open Scholarship

The leading structures that conduct, publish and disseminate scholarly research are at risk of collapse. There’s an urgent need to invest now in a coordinated approach to create a preparedness plan for the future of scholarship and research at the institutional level. In doing so, institutions have an opportunity to explore collectively cost-effective and sustainable solutions to address immediate needs at their institution. They also have an opportunity to play an active role in furthering a larger, more systemic shift towards open, community-owned and operated infrastructure at the institutional level to support scholarship and ensure research continuity.

To support that shift, IOI launched a research project in partnership with a network of institutional decision makers to model the future of open scholarship.

Initial Findings | Final Report | Recommendations

Research outputs & synthesis: