Status: Ongoing
Partners: Big Ten Academic Alliance, Historically Black Colleges and Universities Library Alliance, IvyPlus Libraries Confederation, American Geophysical Union, NIH Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI), U.S. Repository Network, re3data
Team members: Katherine Skinner, Gail Steinhart, Lauren Collister, Eric Schares


IOI is conducting an investigation into “reasonable costs” for public access to United States Federally funded research and scientific data. 

With financial support from the National Science Foundation (US), we seek to determine: 

  • how much “public access” publishing costs are today for prevalent science publication formats (including articles and data)
  • how much research institutions are spending in anticipation of compliance with public access mandates
  • how similar or different the approaches and choices are for research institutions of different tiers and demographics.

Project outputs

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