IOI is supported through a mix of philanthropic support and financial commitments from institutions, consortia-based organizations, and more.

As a sustainability focused non-profit, we are keenly aware of the strains that exist on the current funding landscape for open infrastructure non-profits. We are dedicated at IOI to exploring revenue models that both align with a values-base that employs trust with our partners and is centered on transparency, openness and clear value-add — and that’s reflected in the institutional funding we’ve garnered in the past few months to directly support decision makers and administrators.  We continue to explore business models that both diversify our support levels and work with institutions, government funders, philanthropic entities and others to ensure our offerings are best addressing unmet needs to improve funding and resourcing for open infrastructure in research and education.

Our sincere thanks to the following institutions, funders, and organizations for their support.

For a full breakdown of IOI's funding to date, visit our funding disclosure page.