Back in May, we launched a webinar series to explore some of the key findings from our research over the past year as part of the Future of Open Scholarship project. This research effort brought over 120 institutional leaders, infrastructure providers, library consortia, and advocates together to explore challenges, opportunities for collective action, and funding approaches to advance open scholarship.

Our first call focused on the topic of building technical resilience in and across our shared systems – and the broader context that these technical decisions exist in. Video of this discussion is now available.

Top left, clockwise: Alec Smecher (Public Knowledge Project), Kaitlin Thaney (Invest in Open Infrastructure), Chris Holdgraf (2i2c), and Martin Eve (Janeway, Birkbeck University. 

We were joined for this call by three community members engaged in designing ways to build integrations, interoperability, and user choice into open infrastructure for research and scholarship. We heard from Martin Eve (Professor of Literature, Technology, and Publishing, Birkbeck University; co-founder, Janeway) and Alec Smecher (Associate Director for Development, Public Knowledge Project) on their work in the Next Generation Library Publishing effort. We also heard from Chris Holdgraf (Executive Director, 2i2c) on what “open source first” looks like in the interactive computing ecosystem, and their work to turn the traditional vendor relationship on its head through their Customer’s Right to Replicate.

Tune in to hear more on the complexities of “technical resilience” and incentivizes for advancing interoperability, the dependency on financial resilience and resourcing, and insights into how to “work alongside one another” to further a healthy ecosystem of open tools and services.

Our thanks again to Martin, Alec and Chris for joining us! Stay tuned for more on this series (and for more on the Future of Open Scholarship project, visit our project page).

Posted by Kaitlin Thaney