By Kaitlin Thaney

Two years ago, over 85 participants from 50+ organizations got together in person and online to discuss a collaborative, sustainable future for open research tools. Part of that conversation was anchored in a “Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools” (the name of the event, or JROST for short), but it represented much more.

This December, we’re excited to bring you the second JROST conference, a virtual event designed to hold space for those working on tools, implementations, and other supports to further open research and collaboration. That aim was important in 2018, but is even more so today as we navigate a series of global crises that’s both heightening the need and demand for open research but also causing us to evaluate the tools, technologies and infrastructures that make that work possible.

Our theme for this year is “Collaboration in Action”, and will showcase the value and need for working together on open, shared solutions to further research and scholarship, especially in these trying times. We will also be giving away up to $35,000 in support to projects in need that model this year's theme in these uncertain times.

What to expect this year

This year’s event will be free, online and feature two time blocks a day to enable broader participation across time zones. (More on time blocks can be found here.)

The program will feature a mix of invited keynotes, lightning talks, panels, and smaller breakouts for sharing key insights and tips with your peers. We'll also be holding space for informal social time where you can come meet and catch up with peers in dedicated "social time".

⚡️ Our call for sessions is now live! ⚡️ We’re inviting proposals for lightning talks, panels, and breakout sessions. More information on these types of sessions can be found below.

  • Lightning Talks. (5 minutes) These talks are great ways to share out your work, problems you’re wrestling with, and other ideas for collaboration.
  • Panels (w/ moderators). (45 min - 1 hour) These are designed to highlight diverse perspectives on a key issue, with facilitated question and answer. (2-3 speakers + a moderator)
  • “Open in Practice” breakout discussions. (45 min) We are looking for a few participants to lead smaller breakout discussions (~45 min each), and share tactics and experiences with the group. Key topics to think about includeFunding and Sustainability, Technical Development and Interoperability, and Operational Support.

Our call for session suggestions is now open through November 2nd.

But wait, there’s more!

We will also be awarding up to $35,000, thanks to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, to projects that embody this year’s theme of “Collaboration in Action”. We’ll be sharing more about criteria and judging process for thin the coming days along with a call for nominations.

Sign up to the event mailing list for more in the coming weeks about the awards (and how to nominate your peers), and for more about our program. For now, snag your (free) ticket and submit your session ideas! And stay tuned for more!

On behalf of the JROST organizing committee:

Kaitlin Thaney, Invest in Open Infrastructure

Danielle Robinson, Code for Science & Society

Bianca Kramer, Utrecht University

Dan Whaley, Hypothesis

Heather Staines, Independent Consultant

Kristen Ratan, Stratos

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, PLOS

Juan Pablo Alperin, Public Knowledge Project

Raym Crow, SPARC

Greg Tananbaum, Open Research Funders Group

Joe MacArthur, Open Access Button, Right to Research Coalition

Posted by Kaitlin Thaney