Status: Completed, last updated October 5, 2020.

Research and scholarship is underpinned by a variety of tools, technologies and services ranging from for-profit commercial solutions and offerings from vendors to community-owned, open technologies and infrastructure.

(This project is in collaboration with SPARC Europe.)

We often hear about the challenges for open infrastructure tools and services to scale, maintain, and compete in the broader market.

The following 10 interviews highlight some of the key decision-making points, funding mechanisms and models, and other learnings from a series of commonly used services and technologies used to support research and scholarship. These include both for-profit and not-for-profit services, highlighting perspectives on sustainability across the sector.

This work is supported by the Open Society Foundations and SPARC Europe, in collaboration with Invest in Open Infrastructure.

Beginning on 29th Sept 2020, the interviews will be released fortnightly, 2-3 at a time until all have been released. All interviews will be downloadable here. We invite you to share them with friends, associates and colleagues and to post via your social media accounts using the hashtag: #infrajourneys

This is part of a wider project that looks at the wider challenges and opportunities in the OS infrastructure ecosystem, which includes a broader analysis of the Open Science infrastructure landscape in Europe, to be published later on this year.

Interviews and profile texts: Yvonne Campfens,
Profile texts and editorial services: Marieke Krijnen, PhD,