December 1, 2022 | Online

The virtual symposium on Global Dynamics in Responsible Research, hosted by The Einstein Foundation and organised by eLife Community Ambassadors, explored topics related to the decolonisation of knowledge, representation of research from local communities in non-WEIRD countries, multilingualism in open science and how open science, if done wrong, will compound inequities.

Our Engagement Lead Emmy Tsang gave a short talk at the symposium titled "open infrastructure for whom?". In the talk, she described some of our latest work on addressing information asymmetry through the Catalog of Open Infrastructure Services. and shared some questions about the contextual nature of infrastructure. She invited the audience to think about how we can facilitate a global conversation around investing in and supporting open infrastructure such that it can truly further global, equitable access to and participation in research.

You can find her slides at this link.

Posted by Emmy Tsang