February 15, 2022 | Online

Our Executive Director Kaitlin Thaney participated in a panel discussion on the Importance of Investment in Open Research Infrastructure at NISO Plus Conference, February 14-16.

The conference aimed to facilitate global conversations and identify concrete community needs and next steps to improve information flow and interoperability. The panel discussed the critical roles of open research infrastructure at all stages of the research lifecycle, some challenges in securing funding for this infrastructure, and potential mechanisms to improve research infrastructure sustainability.

The panelists were:

  • Ana Heredia, Independent Consultant, Heredia & Viggiani Consulting
  • Carly Robinson, Assistant Director for Information Products and Services, US Department of Energy (slides available at this link)
  • Kaitlin Thaney, Executive Director, Invest in Open Infrastructure (slides available at this link)

Shelley Stall, Senior Director for Data Leadership, American Geophysical Union, moderated the discussion.

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