The IOI Fund for Network Adoption catalyses a new form of investment to foster the implementation, growth, and usability of open infrastructures to advance scientific research and data sharing. 

Investing in infrastructure critical to addressing societies’ greatest challenges

We advance the use, sharing, and availability of data that forms the backbone of scientific research and a critical component to addressing societies’ greatest challenges, be it pandemic response and the creation of life-saving medicines, assessing the impact of climate change to further design of global interventions, or researching the ongoing effects of climate change on agriculture and world food supply. 

Supporting networks as a key driver of change

We partner with networks of institutions and researchers (consortia, research and education networks, community coalitions, etc.) with a strong existing relationship to a set of communities and institutions. Working with networks serves as a multiplication lever, leveraging the existing infrastructure and influence of networks to multiply the impact of funding, and mitigating risk by coordinating action over a large number of institutions.

A coordinated, research-based mode of collective investment

The current mode of resourcing research infrastructure is insufficient and fragile, often relying on a handful of traditional philanthropies and limited government funding. We invite companies and organizations supporting research and data sharing to join us in modelling a new mode of collective investment in the health of research ecosystems around the world, building on IOI’s deep research and engagement with research communities worldwide.

IOI seeks to invest in networks with

  • A strong existing service relationship with their members
  • Active participation by members in governance and decision making of the network
  • A demonstrated commitment to open science and open research infrastructure

Visit the IOI Fund Data Room for more information about the Fund, including a concept note, pitch deck, and details about due diligence and selection for project partners and Fund governance.

Get in touch

If you are a network that could benefit from the IOI Fund, let’s talk.

Interested in contributing to the IOI Fund? Please reach out to funding [at] investinopen [dot] org.

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