IOI collaborates closely with infrastructure providers, funders, and institutions to implement evidence-based research recommendations and industry best practices on governance, sustainability, organisational structure and stakeholder management to build the resilience and sustainability of the knowledge sector.

Evidence-based, bespoke strategies for a resilient knowledge ecosystem

Through our Strategic Support services, IOI engages directly with infrastructure providers, funders, and institutions to implement IOI research recommendations, further adoption of open infrastructure, and build the resilience and sustainability of the knowledge sector.

In each strategic support engagement, IOI leverages the extensive experience of its team in the research and scholarship field, as well as its significant research expertise, to design and implement evidence-based, bespoke strategies to support our partners. 

How we can help

Open Infrastructure discovery and due diligence

For funders, institutions, and networks looking to grow their use of open infrastructure, IOI can provide targeted research and recommendations, including discovery, due diligence, and collecting stakeholder feedback to inform the adoption and implementation of open infrastructure solutions.

Strengthening governance, stakeholder engagement and financial sustainability

For infrastructure providers, our strategic support services improve the health and sustainability of their organisations by strengthening their governance, financial sustainability, organisational structure, and stakeholder engagement– key pillars that are integral to the continued operation and scalability of their services.

For funders, engaging IOI to support the sustainability and resilience of their grantees can help ensure that investments in their grantees have the broadest impact possible.

Work with us

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Ongoing partnerships

arXiv and the Simons Foundation

Our partnership aims to strengthen arXiv’s governance and sustainability.

bioRxiv, medRxiv and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Developing strategies to diversify financial support and enhance sustainability.

The Catalyst project

Building a governance model for collaborative cloud infrastructure services for the biosciences in Latin America and Africa.

Client Testimonial

IOI's extensive experience in the open infrastructure space and their expertise in sustainability and governance will help arXiv chart its course for decades to come as it works to serve the research community even better and be even more responsive to its evolving needs.

- Ivan Oransky, Special Advisor, Scientific Publishing at the Simons Foundation