Building a flourishing ecosystem of open, community-owned research infrastructure

In order for research to thrive, the technologies and systems that support resaerch must be open and responsive to the research community's needs. Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) strives to shed light on the challenges and ultimately, improve funding and resourcing for the open infrastructure that research relies on.

Our core pillars of work

IOI works to advance collective understanding and strategy for the adoption of and investment in open infrastructure through:

  • Conducting research and analysis,
  • Providing strategic decision-making support to key stakeholders, and
  • Engaging with the community to run pilots and trial ways to put our research into practice.

In driving forward this work, we are committed to openness and transparency, as well as developing iteratively — continuously soliciting and incorporating feedback into our work products and processes. We build with and not for — we strive to work with users, developers, maintainers, funders, and other stakeholders in the open infrastructure ecosystem, as well as experts in adjacent sectors, to co-design roadmaps towards our shared vision.

Your support matters

During a time when there is increasing corporatization and acquisition in the space, we believe that it is more crucial than ever to coordinate investment and test new ways to sustainably support the development and maintenance of open infrastructure.

Together with you, we work to advance a shared vision for open infrastructure and equitable research. In the next year, your contribution will enable us to:

  • Further investigate the feasibility of various collective financing mechanisms for open infrastructure,
  • Co-design a framework for prioritizing open infrastructure investment, focusing on advancing a more equitable research ecosystem where open infrastructure is the default, and
  • Build dedicated spaces and networks to begin testing and validating some of these mechanisms and frameworks for guiding funding.

Ways to contribute

We are seeking to build our founding circle of supporters who can commit to donations of $10,000 USD and above. Founding circle supporters play a vital role in providing us with the means and flexibility to fuel more research and pilots to build a robust ecosystem of open infrastructure for research.

Supporters will receive the following key benefits:

  • Early invitations to our funder events and collaborator calls
  • First access to our research and analysis
  • Recognition on our website
  • Recognition in our annual report
  • Announcement of commitment in our newsletter and social media channels

Please contact us at if you would like to find out more.

You can also choose to donate at IOI once, or monthly, for example, using this embedded form.

Our sincere thanks to the following institutions, funders, and organizations for their support.

The Founding Circle

Inaugural supporters

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