We know that no one likes to hear about delays, but we need to let you know that our new tool, Infra Finder, will not launch this month. We expect to release it in April instead.

Mint text on a black background says: Introducing Infra Finder, "Coming in January 2024". January is scratched out and replaced with "April".

This delay is purely on our side as we work to present the information in a concise, clean, and usable way for our audience. To date, we've worked closely with 56 infrastructure service providers to gather data and information, and they have been diligent in working within our deadlines and communicating with us about updates. 

However, as we cleaned up and verified our data and worked to harmonize the many categories of collected information and designed and developed a good user experience, we discovered that we were perhaps a bit too ambitious in our timelines. Rather than rush to the finish line with work that won't serve users well, we're choosing to take the time to address some challenges and present the best possible resource at launch time. 

In line with our ethos of developing iteratively and in the open, we are creating opportunities to share what we have learnt so far from our user research and provider engagement, as well as our current designs and prototypes, with the broader community to gather additional input and feedback to continue to improve the utility of Infra Finder. Our team members are going to be at the following events in the next month – if you will also be in attendance, we’d love to hear and learn from you! 

We are looking forward to sharing more with you in a few weeks. Until then, if you have any questions or if your community or network would like to learn more and provide feedback at this stage, please contact us at infra-finder@investinopen.org

Posted by Emmy Tsang, Chrys Wu and Lauren Collister