Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is excited to announce the launch of our new logo and visual identity. As our work expands in scope and variety, we recognize the need for a visual brand that can help us communicate more effectively with our stakeholders and community. With a consolidated set of brand guidelines and a new visual identity, we're confident that we can better communicate our mission, vision, and values to a wider audience.

We strive at IOI to ensure our work balances being trustworthy and evidence-based with a design that makes the topics we care about actionable, approachable, reusable, memorable, and understandable. Our visual language and identity are core parts of that design.

As our work has evolved and expanded, we recognized the need for a brand that could align better with our evolving work and needs. As an organization whose work relies heavily on text and data, the simplicity and cleanliness of our previous visual identity work well in communicating a sense of clarity, focus, and professionalism. However, we recognize that for some of our more text-heavy reports and slides, having additional visual elements and styles in our brand will make the content more engaging, accessible, and clear. In addition, consolidated brand guidelines can help ensure that our messages can be effectively delivered across all channels.

Our new logo and visual identity represent a fresh start for IOI. Designed in collaboration with Zack Adell, an experienced designer based in Nairobi, Kenya, the new branding features a modern, bold design that keeps elements of simplicity and clarity. The new logo highlights the fundamental, intersecting, and additive natures of our work. The use of bright colours and clean lines help to convey our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and openness. The globe visual element signifies our desire to build with a global community. The hand-drawn arrows and brush strokes add authenticity, creativity, and playfulness to our designs.

Video created by Zack Adell.

Zack also developed a set of brand guidelines that will help make our work more efficient and consistent. The guidelines cover everything from typography and the colour palette to photo treatments and example brand applications, ensuring we present a cohesive image across all our communications.

We are introducing our new logo today, with plans to update our visual identity across various communication channels, including this website, in the next few months.

We believe this brand refresh will help us reach a wider audience and more effectively communicate our mission and vision. We're excited to embark on this new chapter in our history, and we look forward to continuing our work to improve the funding and resourcing of open infrastructure.

Posted by Emmy Tsang & Jerry Sellanga