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On to the update …

What we are working on:

  • We presented our plans to assess the financial health of nonprofits in research and scholarship, using public financial information from 18 nonprofit orgs to test out our methodology. We’re hosting a community discussion on Aug 9, 12pm ET to gather your feedback and thoughts on this topic - please join us!
  • We’re hiring a research data analyst with a background in either nonprofit management and analysis, or the scientific, scholarly, and information management spaces. Remote friendly! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until August 15, 2022.
  • Our Executive Director Kaitlin Thaney presented our work and plans at the UNESCO Open Science Infrastructures Working Group meeting. You can find a recap of the event and a link to her slides on our blog.
  • We submitted our community’s response to the UNESCO Global Call for Best Practices in Open Science. Many thanks to the 10+ community members who joined our community workshop in June to contribute ideas, draft, and review this response.
  • We welcome Matt Canute as an affiliate data engineer. Matt will work on designing and building more robust data architecture for the Catalog of Open Infrastructure Services (COIs).
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Who we are talking to:

  • Matt Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships at Cambridge University Press, about potential areas of support in identifying opportunities for more alignment and adoption of open infrastructure services to support their work.
  • Joe Deville (Lancaster University; Mattering Press) and Rupert Gatti (Trinity College; Open Book Publishers) on the Open Book Collective, and forthcoming work around open infrastructures to support open book and monograph publishing.  

What we are reading/exploring:

A list of highlights below — for a more comprehensive view, please check out the Open Infrastructure Tracking Project (now also on Twitter).

Upcoming events/talks:

We look forward to meeting you at the following events!

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