JROST acknowledges that this year has been especially trying on a number of levels for many. Individuals and institutions are now faced with increased demand for services that exhibit collaboration, frugality, and further open research while also confronted with unprecedented budget cuts. The JROST planning committee also acknowledges that lead times for traditional grant funding can fail to support immediate or maintenance needs of projects and organizations.

Awards will be given in amounts of $5,000 and $10,000 with the possibility of other gift amounts at the discretion of the program committee. The number of award recipients will be based on the number of requests and the amounts requested. We are seeking additional funds and sponsors in support of this rapid response fund (interested in contributing? Please get in touch).

Awards will be granted to practitioners and organizations that develop and operate open technologies and services to further research and scholarship. Award funds are intended for activities that are necessary and that would not be possible, or would be in jeopardy, without them. There is no restriction on how the funds can be used, but among the possibilities are the following examples:

  • Salary support for key staff
  • Continued levels of service / ongoing development & maintenance
  • General operations (e.g., bridge funding to your next grant deadline)
  • Collaborations and integrations with other tools and services
  • Preparing a grant or hiring an external contractors to help you pivot or to develop a sustainability plan
  • Development of specific functionalities and or services

Please visit the form here to apply. The deadline for submission is December 7, 2020.

Posted by Kaitlin Thaney