January 12, 2022 | 16.00 UTC / 24.00 UTC | Online

We recently announced the launch of our Catalog of Open Infrastructure Services (COIs). This resource is the culmination of research, interviews, and analysis of a sampling of open infrastructure projects serving the research community. (Click here to access the catalog.)

At IOI, we not only believe in iterative development but also community feedback, and will be hosting two informational sessions to share this work with the community.

Join us for one of our upcoming informational session where we'll share more about our process and solicit your thoughts. Participation is open; registration is required.

Registration is free and required. Sessions will be recorded.

IOI is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all events, both online and in person. Participants are expected to abide by the IOI Code of Conduct.

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Posted by Kaitlin Thaney