Scholarship is at its best when communities of researchers, scholars, and knowledge workers can share, discover, and collaborate. However, the needs of this community are not well-served by the existing scholarly communication infrastructure, which is dominated by commercial vendors whose missions and values often run counter to those of the scholarly community. When the business models of these vendors favor lock-in, consolidation and monopoly, they create a market where opportunity for healthy competition is limited.

While many promising open infrastructure projects have demonstrated their value, most operate independently, and struggle with securing ongoing operational funding. There is a pressing need for a coordinated, global effort to provide collective support for developing and sustaining open infrastructure that operates in a manner that is aligned with the values of the scholarly community it serves.

Our organizations support this global effort to sustain open scholarly infrastructure. We believe that a network of shared open systems and tools governed by and managed for the benefit of those who use them is an essential step towards creating a healthy scholarly ecosystem. By investing in, integrating, building on, and/or expanding current and emerging open infrastructure initiatives, we can ensure that the services and software that the scholarly community relies upon to share its work with all who need access is high-quality, reliable, persistently available, and operated in a manner consistent with our community’s values.

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Supporting Organizations

  1. Academic Data Science Alliance, by Micaela Parker, Founder/Executive Director
  2. Academy of Science of South Africa, by Himla Soodyall, Executive Officer
  3. African Journals Online (AJOL), by Susan Murray, Executive Director
  4. African Union of Conservationists (AUC), by Raymond Katebaka, General Secretary
  5. AfricArXiv, by Johanna Havemann, Co-Founder
  6. Almaahad Almutagadem Specialized Computer Training Center (AASCTC), by Hussein Sherief, Director
  7. Ariadna Ediciones, by Manuel Loyola, Profesor Universitario
  8. Association of Research Libraries, by Mary Lee Kennedy, Executive Director
  9. Australasian Open Access Strategy Group, by Ginny Barbour, Director
  10. Biteca, by Arley Soto, Co-founder
  11. Biteca SAS, by Arley Soto, Co-founder
  12. California Digital Library, by Günter Waibel, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director
  13. Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR), by Mark Musen, Director
  14. Center for Open Science, by Lucy Ofiesh, Chief Operating Officer
  15. Center for Research Libraries (CRL), by Greg Eow, President
  16. Center for Research Libraries (CRL), by Greg Eow, President
  17. Centre for Critical Development Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough, by Leslie Chan, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  18. CLACSO-Latin American Council of Social Sciences, by Karina Batthyány, Executive Secretary
  19. Code for Science and Society, by Danielle Robinson, Co-Executive Director
  20. Columbia University Libraries, by Ann Thornton, Vice Provost and University Librarian
  21. Consortium, by Tanja Niemann, Executive Director
  22. CORE, KMi, The Open University, by Petr Knoth, Founder and Head of CORE/Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining
  23. Curtin University, by Cameron Neylon, Professor of Research Communications
  24. DOAB Foundation, by Tom Mosterd, Community Manager
  25. Dryad, by Tracy Teal, Executive Director
  26. Educopia Institute, by Katherine Skinner, Executive Director
  27. eLife, by Mark Patterson, Executive Director
  28. Emory University, by Yolanda Cooper, University Librarian
  29. Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, by Kidist Sahlu, Journal Administrator
  30. FireOak Strategies, by Abby Clobridge, Founder
  31. Force 11, by Daniel O'Donnell, President
  32. Ghana Library Association, by Samuel Aggrey, President
  33. Grassroots Review Journals, by Victor Venema, Founder
  34. Hindawi, by Paul Peters, CEO
  35. Hypothesis, by Dan Whaley, Founder & CEO
  36. Indiana University Bloomington, by Carolyn Walters, Dean of Libraries
  37. Internet Archive, by Jefferson Bailey, Director, Web Archiving & Data Services
  38. Islandora Foundation, by Mark Jordan, Chair, Islandora Foundation Board of Directors
  39. ITHAKA JSTOR, by Rahul Belani, VP Products
  40. IUPUI University Library, by Kristi Palmer, Herbert Simon Family Dean
  41. JKUAT, by Joseph Wafula, Director
  42. Joint Minds Consult, by Joseph Mwelwa, Senior Partner and Researcher
  43. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Library, by J. K. Vijayakumar, Library Director
  44. Knowledge Futures Group, by Heather Staines, Head of Scholarly Communications Partnerships
  45. Lehigh University , by Boaz Nadav-Manes, University Librarian
  46. LYRASIS, by Robert Miller, CEO
  47. Mapping the Scholarly Communications Infrastructure, by David Lewis, Principal Investigator
  48. Metropolitan New York Library Council, by Nate Hill, Executive Director
  49. Middlebury College, by Mike Roy, Dean of the Library
  50. Moodle Pty Ltd, by Martin Dougiamas, CEO
  51. NC State University Libraries, by Greg Raschke, Director of Libraries
  52. Northwestern University, by Evviva Weinraub, Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies
  53. Northwestern University, by Sarah Pritchard, Dean of Libraries
  54. OAPEN Foundation, by Eelco Ferwerda, Director
  55. Ohio State University, by Damon Jaggars, Vice Provost and Director of University Libaries
  56. Open Access Button, by Joseph McArthur, Director
  57. Open Book Publishers, by Rupert Gatti, Co-founder
  58. Open Context (Alexandria Archive Institute), by Sarah Kansa, Executive Director
  59. Open Edtech Association, by Martin Dougiamas, Founder
  60. Open Education Global, by Paul Stacey, Executive Director
  61. Open Knowledge Maps, by Peter Kraker, Chairman
  62. Open Library Foundation, by Ginny Boyer, Managing Director
  63. Open Research Funders Group, by Greg Tananbaum, ORFG Coordinator
  64. OPERAS, by Pierre Mounier, Associate Director for International Development
  65. Our Research, by Heather Piwowar, Cofounder
  66. Public Knowledge Project, by John Willinsky, Director
  67. Punctum Books, by Eileen Joy, Director
  68. Research Consulting, by Rob Johnson, Founder and Director
  69. Reveal Digital, by Jeff Moyer, Founder and Director
  70. ScholarLed, by Eileen Joy, Partner
  71. Scholarly Communications Lab, by Juan Pablo Alperin, Director
  72., by Alex Kleiner, CEO
  73. Simon Fraser University Library, by Gwen Bird, Dean of Libraries
  74. Southern Methodist University, by Holly Jeffcoat, Dean of SMU Libraries
  75. SPARC, by Heather Joseph, Executive Director
  76. SPARC Europe, by Vanessa Proudman, Director
  77. Stanford University, by Zach Chandler, Director, Research IT & Innovation
  78. Strategies for Open Science (Stratos), by Kristen Ratan, Founder
  79. Syracuse University, by David Seaman, Dean of Libraries and Interim Dean of the School of Information Studies
  80. Texas Digital Library, by Kristi Park, Executive Director
  81. The Center For Scientific Integrity, by Ivan Oransky, Executive Director
  82. The Wikipedia Library, by Jake Orlowitz, Lead
  83. TopicQuests Foundation, by Jack Park, Co-founder/CEO
  84. Tydskrif vir Letterkunde, by Jacomien van Niekerk, Editor
  85. UNC Greensboro, by Martin Halbert, Dean of University Libraries
  86. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, by Arianna Becerril, Professor
  87. University Nazi BONI, by Tiguiane Yelemou, Senior Professor
  88. University of Abomey Calavi, by Joseph Sagbohan, Library and ICT Project Manager
  89. University of Alaska Anchorage, by Steve Rollins, Dean, UAA/APU Consortium Library
  90. University of California, Santa Barbara, by Kristin Antelman, University Librarian
  91. University of Colorado Boulder, by Robert H. McDonald, Dean of University Libraries
  92. University of Guelph, by Rebecca Graham, University Librarian
  93. University of Illinois at Chicago, by Mary Case, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries
  94. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, by John Wilkin, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian
  95. University of Michigan, by Maurice York, Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology
  96. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, by Elaine Westbrooks, University Librarian & Vice Provost
  97. University of North Dakota Libraries, by Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries & Information Resources
  98. University of Virginia Library, by Robin Ruggaber, Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives
  99. West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN), by Omo Oaiya, Chief Strategy Officer
  100. WikiJournal User Group, by Thomas Shafee, Chair

Supporting Individuals

  1. Ada Emmett, Director, Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright at University of Kansas, Libraries
  2. Adrian Ho, Director of Digital Scholarship at University of Kentucky Libraries
  3. Ahmed Ogunlaja, Student at Washington University in St Louis
  4. Alainna Wrigley, Publication Management System Coordinator at California Digital Library, University of California Office of the President
  5. Alex Holcombe, Professor at University of Sydney
  6. Amanda Hurford, Scholarly Communications Director at Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)
  7. Amanda Page, Open Publishing and Copyright Librarian at Syracuse University Libraries
  8. Amanda Lawrence, Research Associate at RMIT University
  9. Amy Buckland, Head, Research & Scholarship at University of Guelph
  10. Andreas Ferus, Interim Head Librarian, Open Access Officer at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  11. Andrew Sila, Data Scientist at ICRAF
  12. Ann Campion Riley, Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian at University of Missouri
  13. Arild Skalmeraas, Senior Librarian at University of Southeastern Norway
  14. Ayanda lebele, Director, Library Services at Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)
  15. Ayenew Fentahun, Lecturer and Librarian at Jimma University
  16. Bianca Kramer, Scholarly Communication Librarian at Utrecht University
  17. Brandon Butler, Director of Information Policy at University of Virginia Library
  18. Bruce Caron, Executive Director at New Media Research Institute
  19. Carrie Nelson, Director of Scholarly Communication at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  20. Chris Hartgerink at Independent
  21. Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries at MIT
  22. Christa Rautenbach, Professor and Editor-in-chief at North-West University
  23. Christian Hauschke, Project Management VIVO at Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
  24. Colleen Lyon, Head of Scholarly Communications at University of Texas at Austin
  25. Craig Murdoch, Online and Open Initiatives Manager at Auckland University of Technology
  26. Dan Morgan, Director, Community Relations at Public Library of Science (PLOS)
  27. Daniel Mietchen, Senior Scientist at School of Data Science, University of Virginia
  28. Deborah Helman, Director of Science & Engineering Libraries at University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries
  29. Demmy Verbeke, Head Artes at KU Leuven Libraries
  30. Dominique Babini, Open Access Advisor at CLACSO-Latin American Council of Social Sciences
  31. Edwin Qobose, Director at University of Botswana Library
  32. Ellen Dubinsky, Scholarly Communication Librarian at University of Arizona
  33. Felix Emeka Anyiam, Research Officer & Data Analyst/Scientist at Centre for Health and Development, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  34. Fiona Murphy, Owner at MMC Ltd
  35. Georgia Bullen, Executive Director at Simply Secure
  36. Godwin Yeboah, Senior Research Fellow at Institute for Global Sustainable Development - University of Warwick
  37. Hans de Jonge, Head of Open Science at Dutch Research Council (NWO)
  38. Heather Staines, Head of Partnerships at MIT Knowledge Futures Group
  39. Ina Smith, Project Manager at Academy of Science of South Africa/African Open Science Platform
  40. Innocent Awasom, Associate Librarian at Texas Tech University Lubbock
  41. Irene Onyancha, Chief, Knowledge Management Services at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  42. Jean-Claude Guédon, Professeur Honoraire (retired full professor) at Université de Montréal
  43. Jean-Francois Lutz, Head of Digital Library at Université de Lorraine
  44. Jeannet Molopyane, Deputy Director at University of the Free State
  45. Jeff Kosokoff, Assistant University Librarian for Collection Strategy at Duke University
  46. Jennifer Vinopal, Associate Director for Information Technology at The Ohio State University Libraries
  47. Jennifer McLennan, Head of External Relations at eLife
  48. Jeroen Sondervan, Open Access Publishing Consultant at Utrecht University Library
  49. Jibril Attahiru Alhassan, University Librarian at Federal University of Technology Minna
  50. Jill Sexton, Associate Director for the Digital Library at NC State University Library
  51. Joakim Philipson, Research Data Analyst at Stockholm University Library
  52. Johannah White, OER Librarian at Xavier University of Louisiana
  53. John Stephen Tenywa, Associate Professor at College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University
  54. Jonathan Tennant, Research Fellow at Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity
  55. Joseph Sagbohan, Library and ICT Project Manager at University of Abomey Calavi
  56. Josiline Chigwada, Sub Librarian - Information Services at Bindura University of Science Education
  57. Juan de Dios Santander-Vela, Software Systems Engineer at SKA Organisation
  58. Kaitlin Newson, Digital Projects Librarian at Scholars Portal
  59. Kamel Belhamel, Professor at University of Bejaia
  60. Kamran Naim, Director of Partnerships & Initiatives at Annual Reviews
  61. Kathleen DeLaurenti, Head Librarian at The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
  62. Kevin Hawkins, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication at University of North Texas Libraries
  63. Kevin Stranack, Managing Director at Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University Library
  64. Kim Pham, Librarian at University of Denver University Libraries
  65. Kristine Alpi, University Librarian at Oregon Health & Science University
  66. Laura Paglione, Partner at Spherical Cow Group
  67. Leigh Blackall, Educational Designer at RMIT University
  68. Leo Waaijers, Director at Quality Open Access Market
  69. Lire Zakari, Head of Documentation and Information Centre at Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l'Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES)
  70. Lisa Hinchliffe, Professor/Coordinator for Information Literacy Services & Instruction at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  71. Lluis Anglada, Open Science Director at CSUC
  72. Lori Goetsch, Dean of Libraries at Kansas State University
  73. Lucy Barnes, Editor at Open Book Publishers
  74. Ludo Waltman, Professor of Quantitative Science Studies at Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University
  75. Luqman Hayes, Scholarly Communications Team Leader at Auckland University of Technology
  76. Marcel LaFlamme, Postdoctoral Researcher at LBG Open Innovation in Science Center
  77. Marta Teperek, Data Stewardship Coordinator at TU Delft
  78. Martha Kyrillidou, Principal & CEO at QualityMetrics LLC
  79. Martha Whitehead, University Librarian at Harvard Library
  80. Martínez Dídac, Director del Servei de Biblioteques, Publicacions i Arxius at Servei de Biblioteques, Publicacions i Arxius, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC
  81. Mary Case, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries at University of Illinois at Chicago
  82. Maseka Lesaoana, Researcher at
  83. Melissa Levine, Director, Copyright Office at University of Michigan Library
  84. Micah Vandegrift, Open Knowledge Librarian at North Carolina State University
  85. Michael Mensah, Assistant Librarian at TAKORADI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY
  86. Michael Eisen, Professor (UCB), Investigator (HHMI), Editor in Chief (eLife) at UC Berkeley, HHMI, eLife
  87. Mmaditshipi Seageng, Library Manager at National School of Government
  88. Mmaditshipi Seageng, Library Manager at National School of Government
  89. Nanci Oddone, Professor at Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Unirio)
  90. Nate Angell, Director of Marketing at Hypothesis
  91. Neil Chue Hong, Director, Software Sustainability Institute at University of Edinburgh
  92. Nick Shockey, Director of Programs & Engagement at SPARC
  93. Nicky Agate, Assistant Director, Scholarly Communication and Projects at Columbia University Libraries
  94. Nomathongo Bell, Deputy Director, Library and Information Services at Nelson Mandela University
  95. Nozuko Hlwatika, Administrator at University of South Africa
  96. Paige Mann, Scholarly Communications Librarian | STEM Librarian at University of Redlands
  97. Paloma Marín Arraiza, PhD student at Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP
  98. Pamela Jacobs, Head, Collections & Content at University of Guelph
  99. Paul Walk, Director at Antleaf
  100. Peg Fowler, Director, Business Operations at Hypothesis
  101. Peter Suber, Director, Office for Scholarly Communication at Harvard University
  102. Philipp Conzett, Senior Research Librarian at UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  103. Rania Ibrahim, Researcher at National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
  104. Raym Crow, Senior Consultant at SPARC
  105. Reme Melero, Researcher at CSIC
  106. Remedios Melero, researcher at CSIC
  107. Robin Sinn, Coordinator, Office of Scholarly Communication at Johns Hopkins University
  108. Roger Watson, Professor of Nursing at University of Hull
  109. Samir Hachani, Lecturer at the School of Library Science at Algiers University
  110. Samuel Klein, Founder at New England Wikimedians
  111. Sandy De Groote, Scholarly Communication Librarian at University of Illinois at Chicago
  112. Sarah de Rijcke, Professor and Scientific Director at CWTS, Leiden University
  113. Selorm Ankudey, Junior Assistant Librarian at University of Energy and Natural Resources
  114. Sharla Lair, Strategist, Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives at LYRASIS
  115. Sherry Lake, Scholarly Repository Librarian at University of Virginia
  116. Sithembile Nyebeleza, Assistant Librarian at NWU
  117. Sizwe Ngcobo, Resource Centre Manager (Bedfordview Campus) at Pearson Institute of Higher Education
  118. Souleymane Sogoba, Archivist-Documentalist at CPS/SDR
  119. Steel Wagstaff, Educational Client Manager at Pressbooks
  120. Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries & Information Resources at University of North Dakota Libraries
  121. Terry Ehling, Managing Director at MIT Knowledge Futures Group
  122. Thomas Bello, Senior Assistant Librarian at Kamuzu College of Nursing, University of Malawi
  123. Tobias Steiner, Member of the Steering Committee, Member at Open Science MOOC
  124. Tom Olyhoek, Editor-in-Chief at DOAJ
  125. Tyler Walters, Dean, University Libraries at Virginia Tech
  126. Vicky Steeves, Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility at New York University
  127. Violeta Ilik, Head, Digital Collections and Preservation Systems at Columbia University
  128. Zachary Seitz, Laboratory Technician at University of Kansas Medical Center
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