Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) works to increase the investment in and adoption of open infrastructure to further equitable access to and participation in research. We do this by providing actionable, evidence-based guidance and tools to institutions and funders of open infrastructure and piloting funding mechanisms to catalyze investment and diversify funding sources for open infrastructure.

The past year has been one of tremendous growth for IOI, and we are proud to share our 2023 End of Year Report. Some of our key highlights of the year have been:

  • our deepened engagement in Latin America and Africa through targeted regional research, in-person events, and 1:1 conversations.
  • commencing critical research into “reasonable costs” to achieve public access to federally funded research and scientific data.
  • our engagement with dozens of open infrastructure providers and institutional budget holders to develop Infra Finder, a new tool to support discovery of open infrastructure (launching January 2024).

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has participated in, contributed to, and engaged with our work this year.

As we look ahead to the coming year, IOI is focused on shifting the narrative towards shared investment in the systems underpinning research worldwide, welcoming new stakeholders to grow the pool of funding focused on those systems, and supporting the adoption and sustainability of open infrastructure. 

Social media image by Patrick Tommaso on Unsplash.

Posted by Jerry Sellanga