Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is thrilled to share our new website, which marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing accessibility, clarity, and engagement. With this updated look and user experience, we hope to communicate our work and share resources and lessons learnt more effectively and transparently with our stakeholders and community. 

Clear communication of core programmes

One of the primary objectives behind our website redesign was to ensure clear communication of our three core programmes, which were introduced in June 2023. With dedicated pages and improved navigation (in the “What we do” section), our redesigned website now offers a comprehensive overview of the Funding Pilots, Strategic Support, and Data Room core programmes, their objectives, as well as examples of projects, partnerships, and resources in those three programmes.

Enhanced website experience

Drawing insights from our website usage data, we recognised the need to refine user journeys and streamline the overall user experience. With the new information architecture and improved navigation, we want to ensure that visitors can easily locate the information they seek while seamlessly discovering related resources of interest. By establishing a dedicated “get involved” page, we hope to make it easier for visitors to understand how they can participate in and contribute to advancing our mission.

Visual branding cohesion

With the launch of our new visual identity and logo in March 2023, it became imperative to align our website's aesthetics with our updated branding guidelines. The reskinned website now has a cohesive visual identity, improving brand recognition and conveying a sense of unity across our endeavours.

Maximizing discoverability for new tools and reports

As we gear up for the launch of Infra Finder and the first State of Open Infrastructure Report in a few months, we are committed to ensuring maximum findability and accessibility for these resources. In the coming months, we will be building dedicated sections within our website to make it easier for visitors to discover and engage with Infra Finder and the report, with the ultimate goal of supporting decision makers and other stakeholders in making informed decisions in investing in and adopting open infrastructure.

Your feedback is critical

This relaunch is only the beginning. To continue to understand how this platform can be better utilized to foster engagement, accessibility, and impact, we have recently changed our website analytics tool to Matomo Analytics. Matomo is an open-source platform that centers data protection and privacy while giving us more granular information about how users are using this site. We’ve updated our privacy policy accordingly to reflect this change – and you can also now choose to opt out of being tracked from our privacy policy page. 

We invite you to explore the website and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. You can email us at engagement [at] investinopen [dot] org or message us via social media on LinkedIn, X, and Mastodon- we’d love to hear from you.


Our special thanks to Zack Adell for the brand and website designs and Julia Smith for the development and engineering work.

Social media image by and machines on Unsplash.

Posted by Emmy Tsang