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Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is excited to today announce the eight recipients of grant funding from the Open Infrastructure Fund. The eight teams of grantees based in countries including Argentina, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Saudi Arabia, India, and Uruguay were selected from a pool of nearly 200 applications from over 50 countries across the world.  

The Open Infrastructure Fund was designed to provide funding of between $5,000 and $25,000 USD to projects that support the development of open research infrastructure services, with the aim of strengthening sustainability and resilience and increasing the adoption of open infrastructure that underpins research and knowledge creation globally. The Fund sought applications from open infrastructure practitioners who are working on projects related to capacity building, governance, and critical shared infrastructure.

Our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the design of the Fund, all applicants, and the community advisor panel who reviewed the applications. Special thanks also to:

Your contributions have made the Open Infrastructure Fund a reality.

The participatory nature of the fund design and execution

The journey of the Open Infrastructure Fund began in November 2022 at IOI’s Funders Summit where IOI ran a participatory budgeting exercise which defined the core funding areas. In early 2023, we hosted a number of conversations, engaged with communities worldwide, and conducted an open design survey to refine the funding priorities and other parameters, such as the 60% carve out for projects based in/serving Low- and Middle-Income Economies (LMIEs). A two-month application window followed. We received 197 applications, both in Spanish and English, from 51 countries across the world. The applications were then subjected to a transparent review process that featured a community advisory panel of over 50 open science practitioners working in different fields worldwide.

Summary of the Open Infrastructure Fund
Summary of the Open Infrastructure Fund

“One of the things we care deeply about is ensuring that our work is rooted in the communities we serve. From the inception of the idea of the Open Infrastructure Fund and its participatory design in multiple languages to the community review process, we tried to ensure that the perspectives of our global community were integrated. After a year-long process, we are excited to share news of the eight funded projects. We cannot wait to see the global impact that their work, catalyzed by this funding, will have,” said Kaitlin Thaney, IOI’s Executive Director.

The funded projects

You can find out more about the funded projects below.

A video recording of the OI Fund community call which took place on Friday, January 26 is available below. The video features the eight project leads introducing their projects and the IOI team sharing more about the process of developing the OI Fund and the key lessons learnt.


60% of the total funds were earmarked projects based in/primarily serving Low and Middle Income Economies (LMIEs). We are proud to share that this threshold was exceeded - 69% of the total funds will go to project teams based in/serving LMIEs.

The IOI team will continue to work closely with the grantees to support them in ensuring that the envisioned proposals translate to impact for the communities these grantees serve globally. We also look forward to learning from the projects’ work and their impact to inform our future funding pilots, and to share their achievements with the broader community. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest developments from the funded projects.


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