Today, we’re happy to share IOI’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2024.

At the core of IOI's work is the belief that in order for an open, equitable and inclusive knowledge creation ecosystem to flourish, we need to advance our collective understanding, financial commitments, and strategies for sustaining the sector.

The goals in this Strategic Plan speak to IOI’s work ahead in conducting research to provide strategic support and investment guidance to those looking to adopt, build, and sustain open infrastructure, and putting that work into action through convenings, pilots, and global coordination. It lays out five key goals, each with its underlying rationale and key objectives. This is meant to serve as a frame for the high level direction of the organization for the next three years.

This strategy was crafted in collaboration with our Steering Committee and over 50 funders, institutional representatives, infrastructure providers, and community members over the course of the past few months. Representatives from over 15 countries and six continents participated in this community design and feedback process.

We’re entering into the next phase of IOI with some big pieces of work to move forward, including a number of research and design questions that will shape how IOI serves the open infrastructure community. We’re grateful to our body of supporters for the runway to focus on the deep work needed to build our capacity to execute on this plan thoughtfully, equitably, and with care. This plan will be reviewed annually, and updated as needed as the work evolves.

The full Strategic Plan can be found here.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks about how we’re designing IOI’s governance to bring new ideas, strategies, and learnings from community leaders, practitioners, and experts who have demonstrated success in influencing and bringing systemic change to adjacent communities to the work of IOI. We'll also be sharing more about ways you can get involved (including some job openings!).

Posted by Kaitlin Thaney