We are excited to announce that Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is partnering with arXiv, through the support of the Simons Foundation, to provide strategic advisory services to assist arXiv to remain operationally and financially viable, open-source, and user-centered with a robust governance system to support those aims. This work commenced in March 2023 and will continue in four phases over 14 months.

arXiv is an open-access repository of preprints and postprints. Since its inception in 1991, arXiv has provided a range of services to the research community. These services include article submission, compilation, production, retrieval, search and discovery, web distribution for human readers, API access for machines, and content curation and preservation. Currently, arXiv hosts more than two million preprints and postprints in eight subject areas, curated by a strong community of volunteer moderators.

With the support of IOI, the decision to revise arXiv's strategy and governance system was precipitated mainly by two factors. One is that the landscape of open access has changed drastically over the past few years, and as an organization, there is a growing need to ensure its services fit within the new realities of research. The second motivation is that arXiv has embarked on the arXiv-CE ("Cloud Edition") project to transition all its services to the cloud. The multi-year plan will improve stability and capacity, ease expansion into new subject categories, and allow easier integration with other services.

"The arXiv has been a pioneer for more than 30 years, creating a critical resource for – and by – the global research community. IOI's extensive experience in the open infrastructure space and their expertise in sustainability and governance will help arXiv chart its course for decades to come as it works to serve the research community even better and be even more responsive to its evolving needs," said Ivan Oransky, Special Advisor, Scientific Publishing at the Simons Foundation.

Through a participatory process, IOI is supporting arXiv in achieving the following aims:

  • Identifying opportunities for funding diversification and building a sustainable, mission-consistent funding/revenue-generation model.
  • Expanding operational capacity and process to empower continued growth and viability, including workflow improvements, better process management, and strategic prioritization of expansion opportunities.
  • Designing a robust architecture for community participation and governance structures to support ongoing development, engagement and partnerships, and stewardship.
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In the first phase of the project, the IOI team conducted a needs assessment of arXiv. Through semi-structured interviews with key personnel and stakeholders, we investigated the organization's governance, operations, finance, and community engagement practices. Based on the needs assessment findings, IOI is sharing some recommendations with the arXiv team that, once approved, will be implemented to strengthen the organization. The third phase will focus on implementation assistance, and the final stage will focus on reflection and assessment of implemented strategies to ensure continued impact.

This work that we are doing in collaboration with arXiv falls under one of our core programs, Strategic Support, which focuses on translating our research work into actionable strategies for open infrastructure providers, funders, and users. The key areas of our research and expertise include financial sustainability, governance and capacity, and stakeholder engagement. Through working closely with partners to understand their needs and drawing on our team’s research and experience, we bring expertise to help organisations like arXiv build their resilience and ensure that they are responsive to the needs of the ever-changing research and innovation landscape, and ultimately, to advance our vision of making open infrastructure the default in research and scholarship.

As we continue to partner with arXiv in the coming months, we'll be openly sharing reusable resources and reflections from this work. If you'd like to stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive these insights.

If you are interested in working with IOI for strategic support on these topics or related areas of work, please email Sarah Lang, our Business Development & Partnerships Lead, at sarah [at] investinopen [dot] org.

Posted by Jerry Sellanga