October 13, 2020 | Online

We recently had the opportunity to speak to leaders of data science programs and faculty about key considerations around open data sharing and research infrastructure as part of the Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) Leadership Summit. The goal of this Summit is to convene leaders of data science programs and faculty interested in creating new initiatives on their campuses: to form an academic leadership community for data science; to share best practices where they face similar challenges and opportunities; and to take collective responsibility in preparing next-generation data scientists to contribute in the best interests of society.

The panel and accompanying breakout sessions, "Collaborating to Create Data Sharing Infrastructure" was moderated by Yasmeen Shorish of James Madison University and James Colliander of the University of British Columbia. Our slides can be found online here.  

The panel explored how we can collectively leverage open tools and infrastructure to facilitate data sharing and improve research and education, looking at data access, storage, sharing, cloud-hosted computing tools, and knowledge sharing strategies. The aim was to help expand institutions’ ability to engage with data science, computation, and remote collaboration methods in a transformational and sustainable way.

Panelists included:

Posted by Kaitlin Thaney